Bed Bugs are one of our particular specialities.


 Simply call us for a quick consultation and we will ask you a series of questions in order to confirm your case. In the last decade incidences of bedbugs have reached a near epidemic state in New York and its boroughs. Current polls show that 1 in 5 homes in the greater New York City area have, or have had bedbug infestations.


We will guide you through the process as quickly & efficiently as possible. Here at Evergreen we strive to be a part of that solution.  Our approach to bedbugs has a track record of effectiveness after the very first visit upwards of 99% of all cases are resolved, and all initial bedbug services come with an additional follow up appointment. We also offer warranties that range from 3-6 months as well as up to 1 year depending on the options elected.


All of our Bed Bug treatments utilize: 

  • Service performed by a bedbug specialist
  • EPA regulated products
  • Certified Hepa vacuum treatment
  • Internal wall injection treatment
  • A precision detail crack & crevice flushing application
  • Spray treatment of all applicable areas
  • We also offer lengthy warranties as well as a 99.4% success rate on the first visit. 

Physical exclusions and seals can also be added to any treatment in order to lengthen the warranty and further fortify your home from reintroductions, especially in cases of a shared wall or in multi-unit dwellings. Please consult with our office for pricing & extensions. 

If you aren’t sure if you have a bedbug issue, or if you have any photos or samples you would like to have identified please send us a clear photo to and if would like to discuss the basis of your inquiry give us a call at 718-762-1820 to discuss preparations and treatment options and we will assist you. We also offer inspections upon request in cases where the evidence is ambiguous. 

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