Brooklyn Pest Control

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Eco Friendly Pest Control & Exterminator Services in Brooklyn, New York.

         ∴  Evergreen™ Eco Pest Control & Green Bed Bug Exterminator New York is a company founded in Brooklyn New York, and our headquarters are located in Brooklyn. Our personal interest in a healthy lifestyle, organic products, and health in general is what led us into this business. We are huge nature and animal lovers, and we wanted to know that we could provide the most eco-friendly, and as close to organic solution possible, to pest control & bed bugs in our area.  We couldn't really find any eco-friendly, or something as close as possible to an organic bed bug solution, or pest control in our area for ourselves, or for our families and friends back when we started. We also needed something that fit that criteria while still making sure that it was effective enough to be a viable alternative to mainstream bed bug, pest control & extermination practices. 

        We wanted to create an effective & eco-friendly technique to treat and eradicate the bed bug epidemic in Brooklyn that we were witnessing around us.  When found that many exterminators in Brooklyn at the time were using conventional methods which were not eco-friendly, and could effect the lives of people, animals, pets and children adversely. Conventional practice are to blanket a home or business with pesticide in order to attempt to eradicate the problem. We realized that there was a better way by using less pesticides and more IPM which is a practice where we assess the property, the entrance points, and thoughtfully apply pesticide that is eco-friendly and better for people and pets as needed to the area, while also physically removing the pest and otherwise where necessary.      

       We made it our business to educate ourselves about the options that we ourselves wanted to use and that is how Evergreen Eco Pest Control Inc. came about in Brooklyn New York. Later we expanded out services to be available to the the surrounding boroughs of Queens Bronx Manhattan Staten Island + Nassau County. We hope to bring a conscious, thoughtful, healthier, & effective solution for Bed Bugs & Pests in Brooklyn.